Baby Band

Baby Band classes are a 45min interactive music session for children aged 0-4 years.

Little ones will sing, dance and play quality percussion instruments along to great music lead by Baby Band class teachers, and grown ups are encouraged to join in the fun too.

Don't worry! There's no expectation for you to sing, or be good at singing, it's all about learning to be musical with your child and helping them develop a love of music in a relaxed atmosphere.

Sessions are packed full of singing, dancing and and high quality percussion instruments and explore 3 key musical concepts; tempo, dynamics and pulse. A new exciting genre of music is explored every two weeks, such as rock, Disney, big band, folk, 90s pop and many more. The quality of the music is important, so Baby Band only play the good stuff that you will love too.

Here's 3 reasons why you'll love Baby Band!

1. Good music
Baby Band's play lists are filled with great music that parents will enjoy too. Nursery rhythms are important and we certainly haven't abandoned them, but at Baby Band you and your little one can expect to be taken on a journey through all kinds of genres from Musicals to Reggae, from Jazz to 90s Girl bands and so much more.

2.Quality instruments
They have specially selected only the best instruments to use at Baby Band classes that will allow your little ones to explore a wide variety of timbres. These are high quality, professional standard percussion instruments that sound great so your little one can experience the real deal right from the start.

3.Live musicians
Each block of classes has one extra special session with a live musician. Baby Band have an ever growing team of musicians who join them in class to demonstrate their instruments and inspire your little Baby Banders. Having the opportunity to see live music being played by a professional musician, close up, is a real privilege.

Sing, dance and have fun, search for your nearest class here and book a place using your Little Starts gift card.

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