Corporate gifting

Corporate Gifting

Show employees you understand what matters most.

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50% of new mums in the UK don’t feel they have the confidence to return to work after maternity leave*

Just 15% of new mums in the UK return to work within 5 years of having a baby*

How can your business support colleagues on maternity and paternity leave, and those with young families, at this important and challenging stage of their lives? 

The Little Starts Gift Card gives new and expectant parents and young families the chance to make memories, have fun and develop a support network at a choice of 10,000+ baby, toddler and preschool classes across the UK. 

It’s the perfect maternity and paternity gift or addition to your rewards and benefits package, improving employee value proposition, boosting morale and helping to attract the best talent...and keep it!



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Why choose our corporate gift cards?

  • Easy to buy, send and spend
  • Choice of digital or physical
  • Gift from £10 - £200+
  • First £50 can be included in employees' tax-free gift allowance
  • Sustainable, recyclable and plastic free​
  • Buy online or set up a corporate gifting account


So much choice!

Let your employees choose where to have fun with their little ones at classes from 100+ brands including...

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* Participating classes

“We want to remind colleagues on maternity and paternity leave that we are thinking of them and care about the time they are spending with their new arrival.”

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