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Partner with us

Reach more families and get new customers when you accept Little Starts Gift Cards for your baby, toddler and/or preschool classes.

Little Starts Gift Cards are bought by gift buyers across the UK via our website, national retailers and employee benefit programmes, for families to spend with our partners’ classes.

If you're an Activity Provider already registered with Little Starts, you can log in to your account portal here.

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  • Access customers with gift cards to spend
  • Get your brand and classes in front of target parents
  • Join our growing network of 1000+ Activity Partners


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“It’s really easy and helps me access new customers. I wouldn’t be without them!”

Jo Lucas, TinyTalk

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How does it work?

It's super easy to access Little Starts Gift Cards for your classes...

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What does it cost?

  1. It’s completely free to sign up. There is no recurring monthly charge or joining fee.
  2. When a customer pays for your classes with a Little Starts Gift Card, we deduct 20% + VAT of the gift card amount spent as commission. Then we pay the balance of the gift card spend over to you within 14 days of redemption.
  3. Our commission covers the cost of acquiring a customer from the gift card market. It includes the commission that goes to the retailers who sell our gift cards, the cost of advertising your classes and our operational costs of running the programme.
  4. Any additional direct spend on your classes by customers we have introduced or helped you retain is 100% yours!

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How do I sign up?

Click here to register as a Little Starts Gift Cards Activity Partner. Complete the easy online form and we’ll check your details before responding via email with a log in link and password. Once you have received these, tap the URL in the email to log in and publish your classes to our website to start accepting Little Starts Gift Cards for your baby, toddler and/or preschool classes.

How much does it cost?

It’s completely free to sign up. There is no recurring monthly charge or joining fee, just 20% + VAT commission deducted on the Little Starts Gift Card amount spent by the customer on your classes.

When will I get paid?

We deduct the 20% + VAT commission on the gift card value spent with you, and you receive the balance within 14 days directly into your account along with a written invoice and statement for your records.

Can I see your full terms and conditions?

No problem, you can view our terms and conditions, by clicking here.

How does a customer make a booking via your site?

You’ll receive an enquiry from a customer with a gift card to spend when they are interested in booking your class. This enquiry will come through to your email and be visible in your account. We recommend replying via the portal so you can keep track of any communication. Then simply book them in as you would normally and redeem the relevant amount from the gift card in your account.

I have a booking system, how do I take payment using Little Starts Gift Cards?

If you have an online booking system and want your customer to book in the usual way, you can create a discount code that works on your site for the amount the customer wants to spend with their gift card to enable them to go through the online booking process and pay any balance over and above the gift card amount for the booking. You would then redeem the gift card through your account portal so we can pay you.

I already have my own gift cards, can I accept Little Starts Gift Cards?

Yes! Becoming a Little Starts Gift Cards Activity Partner is a great addition to any existing gift voucher scheme, helping you to reach gift buyers who you wouldn’t usually have access to, via our website, national retailers and employee benefit programmes.

I'm already registered with Little Starts, how do I log in to my account?

To log in to your account portal, where you can update your contact information, bank details, class listings, redeem gift cards and more, just head here.

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