Baby Squids

Let's Splash, Kick and Swim!

Help your children to build a lifelong love of swimming, be water confident and bond together at Baby Squids swimming classes.

Choose from parent and baby swimming lessons focussing on building water confidence and safety skills or toddler swimming lessons helping you work with your child towards independent swimming- both are packed full of fun and learning!

The Baby Squids team have a love and passion for the water, and can't wait to share it with you and your little one whilst developing your child’s skills and confidence. As you travel on the Baby Squids journey together from that special first splash, to their first kick right through to their first swim and beyond, bonding with your baby in the water creates amazing memories.

Classes are small, so you and your child have plenty of room to learn and play plus Baby Squids pools are always nice and warm for you and your baby.

It goes without saying that all Baby Squids staff are fully qualified swim teachers, but it is also important that they have empathy, provide you with a warm welcome at every class and support you and your child to get the most out of your Baby Squids experience.

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