Are you ready to love learning languages?

Multi-award winning BilinguaSing is a unique sensory language-learning adventure that’s loved by parents and adored by children.

They are UK’s only carefully-crafted music-led programme for teaching languages to babies and children from birth to 11 years- did you know that early exposure to a second language has so many benefits and is great for your baby’s brain development and learning skills too?

BilinguaSing recognise that every child develops at their own pace, so they have carefully tailored their baby and toddler classes specifically to the developmental stage of your child, rather than their age combining music with language learning in a fun way...because children learn best when they don't realise that they are learning!
Choose from classes run in French, Spanish, German and Italian. Grown ups don't need to know any languages to join in the fun, but you're sure to be singing along in no time!

Search for your nearest class here and book a place on the next BilinguaSing class with your Little Starts Gift Card.

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