Inspire Theatre Workshops

Inspire Theatre Workshops instil confidence, self-awareness, improved social and communication skills, and a sense of well-being into little ones using fun improvisation exercises and a humorous approach to create a program that is engaging and responsive for every child in a caring and supportive environment.

With a focus on child development, which they believe to be just as critical in adolescent years as it is in early years, Inspire Theatre Workshops unique workshops help children lose their inhibitions & insecurities quickly, and learn to deal with potentially difficult real-life situations better.

Their movement sections work to increase awareness of body language and emotional intelligence, improve posture so children walk taller, and exude confidence. Their voice sections help promote a strong, healthy voice and improve diction, clarity, eye contact, vocal variety, and confidence in public speaking skills. Finally, their improvisation section works to boost confidence in social situations, improve communication skills, problem solving skills, and encourage spontaneity and creativity.

At the end of every term, children perform to an audience of family and friends to showcase their work over the term - a rewarding experience in which children gain a huge sense of achievement and a real confidence boost! The skills Inspire children and young people will learn won't just equip them to perform well in front of an audience, but to perform better in all aspects of everyday life.

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