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Explore fun and active multi-sports classes at Leapfrog Sports.

More than just physical, sessions are centred around the children having fun and developing their personal and social skills, providing a way for children to be active and start to get involved with sport from an early age, which will help them on the first steps to achieving a lifelong love of sport and all the benefits that being active brings.

The programme has been designed to blend the Fundamentals of Movement (core sports skills: balance, coordination and agility) and the 5 Cs (Competence, Confidence, Connection, Character and caring, Creativity) for personal and social development.

The key to Leapfrog Sports is that they don’t just specialise in one sport, especially at such a young age; they follow a programme based around a variety of different sports to enable the children to discover what they enjoy and to develop well rounded core skills.

UK Coaching and many more studies are showing that specialising in just one sport can have a negative effect, causing injuries and missing out on developing essential skills. By sampling a variety of sports, children are less likely to get bored, develop a huge range of skills and be more likely to have a lifelong love of sports.

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