Playtimes Sensory

Playtimes Sensory run unique baby and pre-school toddler sensory classes which provide an interactive experience full of fun, themed musical sounds and relaxed sensory play experience for early years.

During Playtimes Sensory classes your little one will discover a magical world full of colour, sound, scent and texture with themed musical sounds and relaxed sensory play, magical lights and groovy textures.

Classes are designed to provide excellent close engagement with the children and are delivered by a specialist in early years development. Each week offers a different themed activity so there always something new to discover!

In addition to their sensory classes, Playtimes Sensory also offer their own baby massage sessions which provide a great way of expressing love, care and respect through touch and help further promote a secure parent and child attachment.

Some of the benefits of these sessions include: improvement in sleep, relaxation, teaching positive loving touch, developing body, mind, awareness and coordination, soothing colic, alleviating constipation, strengthening the digestive system and regulating breathing and nervous systems, strengthens muscles.

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