Make new friends & bond with your little one at SensorStory Montessori sensory classes from birth to 3 years, featuring Lory the Lemur!

A unique program combining Montessori philosophy with sensory play, SensorStory creates enriching experiences for little ones & their grown-ups. Choose from:

Chapter One - Baby Bubble
Each term includes enriching experiences in a magical environment! → sensory play, → social time, → Montessori materials, → guided baby massage, → interactive multi-sensory stories

Chapter Two - Nido Society
Each term includes enlightening activities in a super bouncy, extra jiggly sensorial environment! → 5 areas of Montessori curriculum, → themed classes, → interactive multi-sensory stories, → Baby Sign Language, → free flow play time

Chapter Three - Toddler Fellowship
Each term includes new opportunities for little ones to follow their interests in a fun & highly interactive prepared environment! → movement activities, → Montessori curriculum, → free flow play, → song time, → messy play

Search for your nearest SensorStory class here and book a place on the next Rugger Bugs class with your Little Starts Gift Card.

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