The Little Sensory Co

Enjoy new experiences through sensory exploration at The Little Sensory Co-  an exciting, multi-sensory experience for children, comprising of Little Glow, Little Massage, Little Yoga, Little Mess and Little Nature.

Little Mess classes provide entertainment for the whole family. With lots of activities to explore, they offer the opportunity for your little one to splat, squelch, pour and mix with a variety of materials, without the hassle of you cleaning up afterwards!

Little Glow classes are a magical interactive space. Their multi sensory room is a calm, quiet and relaxing area, which is designed to help with your child’s sensory development. It’s a great place to interact and bond with your child, whilst meeting other parents.

Little Yoga classes have many benefits to babies and infants, they are great at helping little ones to relax and feel secure, it’s a wonderful way to promote better bonding and connection with your baby.

Little Nature classes are a wonderful opportunity to connect with nature and introduce babies to the outdoors, providing experiences to create and connect with nature from the earliest of days.

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