Tiny Toes Ballet

Learn through dance at Tiny Toes Ballet classes suitable for babies and preschoolers from 6 months.
Founded and developed by a trained classical ballet dancer, a qualified ballet teacher, and an experienced primary school teacher, Tiny toes ballet is the only preschoolers ballet programme in the UK that is fully integrated with the EYFS curriculum.

With Tip Toes classes especially for babies from 6 months, Twinkle Toes sessions for little ones from 2 years old, Talent Toes classes for preschool and 3-year-olds and Spinners classes for little ones up to seven-years old, classes are packed with fun, learning, storytime, and lots of dancing!

Search for your nearest Tiny Toes ballet class here and book a place on the next Tiny Toes class with your Little Starts Gift Card. 

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