Get musical with TinyBeats music classes especially for little ones at their grown ups.
Each week, the TinyBeats team will take you and your baby or toddler on an imaginative, interactive and sensory journey with a brand new theme each session. Choose from BabyBeats, LittleBeats or BuddyBeats...

BabyBeats has been specifically designed for younger babies, using elements of Baby Yoga, Baby Massage and Makaton (Baby Signing) alongside bespoke made songs made for their class and familiar nursery rhymes...think bubbles, themed parachutes, mirrors, instruments and more.

LittleBeats classes are fun and interactive, they focus on developing your baby’s senses through sensory props and magical music as well as learning new skills such as clapping and early language acquisition. LittleBeats continue to use some elements of BabyBeats but also introduces new characters and more adventurous themed time.

BuddyBeats classes are full of fun, they focus on older babies and toddlers; however younger siblings are also welcome in this class. During BuddyBeats classes your baby or toddler will be able to explore different themes through a large variety of props and resources. They will meet friendly puppet characters and have the opportunity to interact with other children. BuddyBeats has been specifically designed to help educate your child through music, questioning and exploration.

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