Twistin Tinies

Twistin Tinies Adventures provide sensory classes for little ones from birth to 18 months and their grown ups.
classes are engaging, fun, suitable for everyone and include...
- A musical baby-bonding and developmental session designed to stimulate baby’s innate abilities, using light shows and props such as wind chimes, drums and shakers
- Activities that develop key skills – Hand-to-eye Co-ordination, Listening Skills, Visual Tracking, Baby’s vestibular system, Baby Bonding and Touch stimulation, amongst others – and all activities are designed to assist with baby’s speech, language and communication development
- A Natural Exploration Area providing extra sensory stimulation for babies and allows parents and carers to have a chat, share experiences or concerns and make new friends
-A weekly “Home Activity ” which gives you ideas of things to do at home to further enhance your baby’s development!
-Access to a Panel of Experts – covering subjects such as breastfeeding, sleeping tips, nutrition, toy selection, child-friendly holidays, well-being – who can assist and offer advice with problems
-Access to a private Facebook group where we post pictures taken at classes and a range of useful parenting tips
 -Plus so much more!

Put on your dancing shoes, search for your nearest Twistin Tinies class here and book a place using your Little Starts Gift Card.

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