Water Babies

There are few things in life more important than teaching little ones how to swim. Water Babies provides highly trained teachers and expertly developed swim programmes for babies and toddlers, supporting families of all shapes, sizes, and blends in their swimming journey.

The Water Babies team take each child on a journey of aquatic discovery, adventure and purposeful play. Every lesson advocates holistic learning through games and adventures tailored to every stage, prioritising child personal development, and nurturing every little mind, body and soul through swimming.

Water Babies believe in teaching children the life-saving skill of swimming as early as possible, teaching little ones from birth (their youngest water baby was just one day old!) to 5 years old, helping them to learn core aquatic skills, water safety, and swimming strokes as they progress to independent swimming.

Not only will children learn key water safety skills, but building water confidence from a young age also builds life confidence as they grow. Everything taught in the water is structured to align with little one’s key development milestones.

There are many benefits of baby and toddler swimming for little ones. Some of these include:

Physical Benefits
Being in the water helps your baby move independently before they can crawl or walk. It’s a safe place for them to explore their balance, meaning they’ll become a lot more coordinated out of the water too. Baby swimming also helps with little one's eating and sleeping patterns.

Bonding Time
The focused time in the water is a great opportunity for some special bonding time between you and your baby, through holding them close and skin-to-skin contact in the comforting warmth of the water. Your baby can smell you, feel your heartbeat, and hear your breathing, which all helps calm and relax them (and you). This stimulation all reminds them of the security and safety of the womb. Baby swimming lessons are the perfect place to connect with your baby, away from the bustle of daily life. And it’s a place for you to have fun too.

Keeping them safe
Drowning is sadly still one of the leading causes of death in children. There’s no better peace of mind than knowing that your little one can keep themselves safe both around and in the water. Introducing them to the water from birth will help prevent a fear developing later and make them feel confident should they ever be in an emergency situation.

Water is a leveller, a place where everyone can flourish and have fun in a non-competitive environment. Swimming has a whole range of benefits for babies and toddlers with disabilities and learning difficulties. As well as the physical rewards swimming brings (such as the buoyancy in the water helping to reduce pressure on the bones and joints), it also helps improve their confidence. By focusing on the achievements of your little ones and not their limitations, their confidence will grow and grow.

With lessons available across the country, Water Babies will be there every step of the way to support you in your baby and toddler swimming journey. So, when you’re ready, they’re ready.

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