Yoga with Jai

Yoga with Jai offers both pregnancy and post natal yoga classes in South Manchester for new mums and mums-to-be. Specialising in pregnancy and post natal yoga, classes are fun, friendly, relaxing and a safe space place for you to practice.  

Pregancy Yoga
A super nurturing and revitalising class for women during their pregnancy. Pregnancy can sometimes be challenging both mentally and physically. Yoga Jai aim to keep you happy, healthy, bond with your baby and feel strong from the inside out. These classes are a great place to feel supported and connected with other mums-to-be.

Post Natal Yoga (include your baby or join hands free)
These classes will help heal and support your post-pregnancy recovering body with the weekly practice held in a relaxed, welcoming and no pressure environment. When you practice yoga, your babies practice to. Classes include some baby massage techniques, singing, yoga with your baby and promoting bonding with your baby – It really is a fully inclusive experience.

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