Bumble Beats

Bumble Beats offer a 45min multi-sensory music session for your child in which they get to experience a social and stimulating setting, as well as develop crucial communication and language skills through music, sensory and creative interaction. It is said that exposing our children to music during their early development helps them to learn the sounds and meanings of words. Their bodies and minds are encouraged to work together. Music also contributes to the major development of motor, literacy, intellectual and emotional skills, preparing your child for school.

Each week will see different themes, topics and age-appropriate material within the class as well as a range of musical styles from the latest pop hits to classical melodies, nursery rhymes and favourite musical theatre! Bumble Beats have a wide range of sensory play equipment, thier very OWN mascot “Bumble”, his team of “mini-Bumbles” just for you and they guarantee smiles, knee bops and toe tapping all round! From puppets to parachutes, maracas to “make your own musical instrument”, Bumble Beats have something for everyone and plenty of photo opportunities.

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