Rubba-Bubba's magical and award-winning classes are suitable from Newborn-Pre-school. With baby/child development and emotional well-being at the centre of their classes, Rubba-Bubba aims to enhance movement, social interactions, confidence, emotional regulation, speech and language and much more. Massage, yoga, songs, stories, messy and sensory play complement their classes to make the sessions sensational, inclusive and easy to follow. Mat leave memories with Rubba-Bubba are the best!

The long lasting benefits of regular baby massage and baby yoga include:

  • Improves the special Parent-baby bond especially for parents going back to work

  • Effectively reduces symptoms of colic, painful wind & constipation

  • Helps stimulate and support baby’s co-ordination, circulation, digestion, learning & language development

  • Encourages baby to sleep better & for sustained periods

  • Alleviates nasal congestion & teething pain

  • Proven to reduce post natal depression

  • Improves skin integrity

  • Boosts self esteem & confidence in new mothers

  • And most importantly- a relaxing & fun activity for both parent & baby

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