Tumble Tots

Development is at the heart of our programme because children develop faster in the first three years of their lives compared to any other time.

Therefore, it is important to introduce little ones to a range of different activities as early as possible to help them learn and develop physical, cognitive, and social skills.

Tumble Tots programme is designed to develop children’s physical, cognitive and social skills through a range of activities using thier brightly coloured bespoke wooden, foam and handheld equipment.

Each individual piece of apparatus and the activities that accompany them, are specially designed to aid a different aspect of children's development, and vary between the classes to reflect the developmental needs of that age group.

Tumble Tots provide a happy and safe environment for children to meet and engage with other little ones, as well as grownups, forming and building relationships which are important for social learning and personal wellbeing.

As children progress through the programme, they will develop and refine their skills further, learn new proficiencies and gain more confidence in their abilities, which is one of many reasons parents chose Tumble Tots.

They offer five different classes, each tailored to the age and specific stage of a child’s development:

•  6 Months - Walking
  Walking - 2 Years
•  2 - 3 Years
•  3 Years - School Age
•  Gymbobs (School Age - 7 Years)

Little ones attend weekly alongside children of the same age and with similar capabilities. Together they participate in activities and use equipment suited to their level of understanding.

Every two weeks the layout and pieces of equipment are changed to constantly vary the activities providing children with new challenges and even more opportunities to learn.

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