Razzamataz Theatre Schools

Razzamataz Bournemouth launched in September 2022 and is proud to be a place that everyone can be their most amazing selves! With team members that eat, sleep and breathe passion they are able to create fun, engaging and exciting performing arts lessons. Razzamataz also pride themselves on putting the mental health and well-being of all their students and teachers at the centre of everything that we do.

Razzamataz Bournemouth uses a variety of theatre arts combined with small class sizes to really nurture a child’s confidence and self-esteem, all while making sure they are having a lot of fun. From providing high quality, part-time performing arts training, to specialist workshops and classes with some of the most talented industry professionals, Razzamataz Bournemouth offers high quality and fun led training catering for all young performers! They provide a safe environment where everyone can feel comfortable and confident to explore their existing skills whilst also pushing their limits and expanding their individual skill set.

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