Cha Char Chimps

Cha Char Chimps is an award winning, interactive musical fun show, for accompanied pre-school children using props and puppets. While having lots of fun, they encourage:


Fun Fun Fun

While your child is having fun at our Music Show, they are learning and developing important skills for life. This is also helping their Development. Action songs develop essential language skills and co-ordination.



Developing co-ordination and co-operating with thier Entertainer is encouraged at our Shows, from a very early age! These skills are a great advantage to starting pre-school, nursery or school.



Singing songs teaches children about how language is constructed. When you sing, words and phrases are slowed down and can be better understood by your infant.



The brain of a three year old is two-and-a-half times more active than an adult’s. Music and language are partners in the brain. Touch, movement and gestures are critical to learning.

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