French Montessori Club

Adeline and Myriam are both passionate French Montessori teachers. They wanted to create a special place where children could come together to learn and explore the wonders of France. And so, they decided to embark on an exciting journey and establish their very own tuition called the ‘French Montessori Club’. 

They both share a deep love for the Montessori approach, which emphasized hands-on learning and encouraged individual growth and creativity. They believe that young children learn best when they are fully engaged and having fun,. That’s why their sessions are carefully designed to be both educational and entertaining,  incorporating lovely songs, captivating games and stories into every session.

The French Montessori motto is simple: “Apprendre en s’amusant” – Learn french in a fun way.

They can’t wait to share the joy of the French language and culture with your little ones.

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